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November 24th, 2009 3:20 PM
I had the opportunity last Friday to attend a luncheon in Bellflower where Don Knabe, LA County Supervisor for the Fourth District, was the speaker.  Don has an office in Bellflower and has been involved with the City and it's service organizations for many years.  This luncheon was sponsored by the Kiwanis club.  Of course with Thanksgiving less than a week away, they spent time talking about the serious need in Bellflower and the County for food this year.  Don generously brought a personal check with him to the  luncheon for $350.00 to help the Kiwanis Club buy turkeys and put together food baskets for those in serious need.  Today the Kiwanians got together to package those boxes with canned goods and other food items.  Every box had a turkey and many very needy families in our community will have a good meal.   Don took the opportunity at lunch to give us an update on things in the County.  They aren't good.  Budgets still need to be cut more as the State continues to make cuts to the County Budget.  I was shocked when Don said that the area he covers in the fourth district has a budget larger than many Governor's have for their entire state!  He did not paint a rosy picture of the year ahead.  He talked about the damned if you do,  damned if you don't position he is in.  No matter what you cut and what you support somebody won't get something and somebody that no one wants to get anything will get something.  He also gave us an update on Martin Luther King Hospital.   I was thrilled to learn that it will become a part of the UC Hospital system and will be a teaching hospital.  The corruption and blatant lack of care that are this hospitals history will no longer be!  It will be a hospital filled with bright energetic young doctors working hard to make a difference.  If you haven't spent anytime wondering about the state of the county, or how people like Don can do that job - follow what he's doing.   I know he's a politician but it sure doesn't feel like it.  It feels more like I'm talking to a good friend who has a thankless job and doesn't see to know it.  Support him, let him know you think he's doing some right things, and if you don't agree with him let him know that.  He's one of the few that really does want to hear how you think it's going.  By the way, Don is a big fan of the Bellfower flag sponsored by the Kiwanis.  That's the big flag on the 91 freeway that you can see forever.  He has been a financial support and a moral support since the program began.  As a thank you. Kiwanis presented Don with a replica of the Keep it Flying Flag.  He thanked them and assured him he had enough coffee mugs!

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